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Caring for your Cutting Boards

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Caring for your Cutting Boards

“Functional and Beautiful”….but, how do you keep it that way?


Today, one of the most used items in our homes is our cutting board.  These “pandemic times” have forced us out of restaurants and into our own kitchens to cook our own meals.  We are now the “Chef Du Jour” of our lives and having great cooking tools is a must.


Wood Cutting Boards and Serving Boards (also known as “Charcuterie Boards”) are very popular, and keeping them looking beautiful does not mean you cannot use them.  Taking the small steps to care for them will keep them looking amazing for many years to come. 


Keeping your boards looking amazing will allow you to leave them out as they do in the “tv kitchens” and they then are ready for use at a moments notice.


So here are some tips to keep your wooden boards well cared for:


While using:

Keep your cutting board as dry as possible.  Do not allow liquids of any kind to sit on the cutting board for extended periods of time as liquids (water, blood, juice from tomatoes) will soak into the wood.  This will cause your cutting board to expand, the wood to soften, and can affect the strength of the glued joints.  The simple solution is to wipe your board with a dish cloth to keep the liquid off your board.


When done cooking:

Wipe your board using a wet dish cloth and some light soap (Dawn is my favorite).  Rinse the soap off your board and Dry your board with a dish towel. Do Not allow your cutting board to air dry. Make sure to also wipe the sides and the bottom of the board. 



The natural acids and enzymes in wood kill bacteria within minutes of contact but you can also disinfect your board periodically with 3 Percent Hydrogen Peroxide.

Use a spray bottle to distribute it on the entire surface of the board.  Let it stand for a few minutes as it “sizzles while killing germs” and then wipe it off with a clean dish rag or sponge.


Removing Stains: 

Use Coarse Salt or Baking Soda.  Scatter the salt or baking soda over your board and use a dish brush dipped in hot water to scrub the stain out.  For that extra stubborn stain, use half a lemon to do the scrubbing.  The acid in the lemon will give the salt or baking soda extra power to remove the stain.  Rinse the board and then condition with Richard Rose Culinary Conditioning Cream or Mineral Oil.


Deodorizing your board:

Sometimes you may have “scents” that have invaded your board.  A good and all- natural way to “neutralize” this is to use some White Vinegar, Baking Soda and a squeeze of Lemon.  Use a spray bottle to mist your board with the Vinegar over the baking soda, work the solution into your board with a brush or dish cloth.  Rinse the board and DRY it with a dish towel.  Condition with RRC Wood Conditioning Cream or Mineral Oil.


Raised grain/seams:

Humidity and water sitting on your board can cause the surface of your board to feel rough to the touch (Note to people that live in humid places). To resolve this, use 220 grit sandpaper to sand the affected area.  This will smooth the finish.  Apply RRC Wood Conditioning Cream or Mineral Oil after this process and your board will look and feel just like new again.


The No-No’s:

Try not to cut continuously in the same area of your cutting board. Distribute your cutting over the entire surface to keep the wear even.  If you have a reversible cutting board, make sure to use both sides.

Do not place your wood items in a microwave.

Do not soak your cutting board in the sink or place it in the dishwasher.

Placing hot pans or lids directly on your cutting board (or any wood surface) can result in a burn mark.


After writing this, it seemed like a lot of information to ponder.   Life happens, so I wanted to give you info you may need at some time.  It’s really easy to keep your boards looking amazing if you keep your board dry and conditioned. 

Simply Speaking…”Functional and Beautiful”



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